Through many years of professional industry experiences, we, a group of well educated engineers, decided to integrate all these experiences and expertise that we had acquired since 1980’s into one successful entity. Based on this initiative, the company of Hamoon Co was established in 2003. Now, for more than 10 years, we have successfully installed many foundry equipment and accomplished several engineering projects. Additionally, we have also been appointed as a representative of several well-known European companies.




HG-Engineering as an innovative and seasoned group of business and engineering professionals with the experience of handling the needs of variety of clients, with a full range of world’s leading Civil, Industrial and Control machineries and services is meeting the highest standards of excellence. Our facilities in Canada, South-East Asia and Middle-East are able

to provide the necessary consultation and respond to requests everywhere.



  • Selection and Design of systems

  • Sales

  • After Sales

  • Customer Service  


This division is specialized in providing reasonable and competitive solutions for underground tunneling, shafts, power plants and multipurpose projects in areas below:

  • Concrete/Shotcrete Pumps

  • Underground Drilling Tunnel and Shaft Jumbos, Long Hole, Rock Bolting

  • Ventilation systems for Mines and Tunnels

  • Specialized Machinery

  • Form Works

  • Sealing Systems and Accessories for tunnel segments


Our team pride themselves with paying attention to each individual customer’s need and guarantee an on-time delivery, after sales follow up and a full line of spare parts and related equipment by partnering with the worlds top suppliers.




#1802 5611 Goring Street

Burnaby BC V5B0A3

Tel : +1.888.287.9998



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At harmonic trade, we strive to improve the knowledge of music in Middle East by providing highest quality musical products. As the young generation in Middle East is willing to embrace various social and cultural developments, we aim to equip them with musical instruments for their voices to be heard. We believe in the importance of innovative and high quality products to remain successfully reliable and competitive in the market. Harmonic Trade believes that there are great opportunities lying in Middle East. Our long-term business relationships with several well-known musical companies have facilitated us to become one of the most successful distributers of the area. We provide a wide range of services including design, purchase, and installation of various sophisticated sound and light systems. So far, we have accomplished many successful projects in Middle East and we always welcome more expansions and developments. Continuous improvements in customer satisfaction and increasing sales volumes illuminate how effectively Harmonic Trade is achieving its social and marketing goals. Our company considers its most prominent mission to be distributing the highest quality products by partnering up with diverse range of reliable companies in the global market, rather than just selling products.











Harmonic Group is a dynamic group of companies that has evolved into a multi - disciplined corporation with a diverse portfolio of activities ranging from musical instruments and audio equipment to consuming electronics, foundry engineering services, and constructions. We provide cutting-edge technological products throughout Middle East. The fast growing economies of various Middle Eastern regions have created remarkable business opportunities for investors. Harmonic Group has dominantly focus on quality and this is evidenced in our history of collaborating with world’s most recognized brands. Harmonic Group was initially founded by a few inspiring entrepreneurs who gradually developed their operations into a multi-faceted company. We value ethics and integrity and aim to bridge the technological gap between Middle East and developed countries.





In 2012, Harmonic Group decided to further develop its business activities in consumer electronics and cellular telephone industry in Middle East and Western Asia especially in Kurdistan region. This resulted in the establishment of Electro Harmonic as a separate entity to solely focus on consuming electronics.


In June 2013, we accomplished a very significant milestone by acquiring the distribution right of Moshi that is a very well distinguished brand in producing the best quality Apple accessories.In Jan 2015, we achieved another significant milestone by starting to work with Incase. Incase Designs founded in 1997 in San Francisco and yet it has been a leading company in producing highest quality bags and Apple accessories products. Utilizing advanced construction techniques and innovative materials, Incase products offer a combination of intuitive functionality, elevated design, superior protection, and ease of use.In March 2015 , we expanded our activities by starting to work with Audio Technica . Founded in 1962, Audio Technica positioned itself immediately as a leader in manufacturing and designing innovative audio products. Its expertise in innovation quickly spread to various new fields and led to the development of tone arms, microphones and headphones.


At Electro Harmonic, we value three fundamental factors:

  • Distribution of high quality products

  • Delivering professional customer services.

  • Utilization of both young and experienced workforce to work collaboratively