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HG-Engineering as an innovative and seasoned group of business and engineering professionals with the experience of handling the needs of variety of clients, with a full range of world’s leading Civil, Industrial and Control machineries and services is meeting the highest standards of excellence. Our facilities in Canada, South-East Asia and Middle-East are able

to provide the necessary consultation and respond to requests everywhere.



  • Selection and Design of systems

  • Sales

  • After Sales

  • Customer Service  


This division is specialized in providing reasonable and competitive solutions for underground tunneling, shafts, power plants and multipurpose projects in areas below:

  • Concrete/Shotcrete Pumps

  • Underground Drilling Tunnel and Shaft Jumbos, Long Hole, Rock Bolting

  • Ventilation systems for Mines and Tunnels

  • Specialized Machinery

  • Form Works

  • Sealing Systems and Accessories for tunnel segments


Our team pride themselves with paying attention to each individual customer’s need and guarantee an on-time delivery, after sales follow up and a full line of spare parts and related equipment by partnering with the worlds top suppliers.






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